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You gotta’ be you

March 27, 2011

I’ve had some incredible opportunities over the years.

The one thing that I’ve noticed in high-profile successful people is they are all true to their core. Their long term success’ come from being true to themselves. Their followers and loyal fans love them for who they are.

I’ve spent a bit of time with The Ramones. The first time we met was in the back of a limousine. I learned then they looked at a limo like it was a tour bus. The “flash” was not important to them. It was a giant car picking up a group of guys. More of a Gabba, Gabba Hey than a Yippee yi-o ki-a. Just a bunch of guys who wanted to go see a horror movie before they were to appear in front of 1000s of screaming fans.

Remember JJ Cale?  After Midnight, Cocaine? Known for his moody tracks and living in the shadows. In the 80’s I went with JJ to a major radio station interview. I introduced him to the radio interview host. They exchanged pleasantries and JJ took the celebrity chair. The mike was switched on, the on-air sign lit and this understated artist answered every question asked of him — with a nod or hand gesture! Not a word was uttered. It was amazing. True to form.

The radio host looked over at me and said “he knows he’s live on radio, right?”

This was viral promotion before we promo guys coined the phrase. JJ Cale was on the radio speaking (?) about his latest album release and his concert the next night and didn’t say a thing! Listeners engaged their friends, album sales spiked and most important, the concert date sold out.

Go figure. Who knew?

Built into every brand are unique selling features. Highlight those natural features and you have an honest, long lasting brand.

Unique Brands. Unique Solutions.

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