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Built into every brand are unique selling features — “Brand Muscles”

October 12, 2011

I’ve been in LA for a bit now and one of the first things I did was join a gym. The gym is exceptionally clean and the people who come to work out here take it seriously. I like that. But, what I like the most is the innate sense of belonging to this community. The feeling of ‘safe’. Whatever that would mean to you — it is the basic heart and soul of this brand. I sometimes stop and think of all the effort and thought that is put into making brand deeds shine. Most importantly, it’s believability. A consumer can tell when they are being schmoozed and if the company’s communication is sincere.  Brand deeds begins at the top and hopefully work their way through the ranks. The combination of these deeds are what creates the unique chemistry that distinguishes a company in the marketplace and truly engages its audience. It delivers brand muscle. If you are in your dentist’s office or a local deli, the front of the room should always exhibit the company’s spirit. Sports Club LA does everything to make this happen each and every time I visit. Oh yeah, the Ads that made me smile were the ones that were only posted in the club and designed specifically for me, a member. Not necessarily to recruit new members, but for us — the members themselves. They were created to make us feel empowered and reconfirm that the decision to be here, at this time, in these shoes, doing that thing, is right. Nothing like that feeling of being right I say.

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