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Make Me Different

December 9, 2011

Many creatives can attest to hearing these words during client presentations and interaction. But, “different” is a qualitative term.

If you are familiar with Adrenalin’s work (, you will see we enjoy pushing creative boundaries.

However, in some instances, there have been campaigns that our clients sometimes want to revisit just before release to ensure its communication.

Every industry has its creative threshold and every client depends upon its agency to understand its brand merits. Sometimes, a client gets the jitters just before a campaign’s debut. It happens, and it’s up to the agency to do a little hand-holding.

I smiled when I read this post today and wanted to share its keen words of wisdom.

KickBoX Burn/L.A. BoX Camp
What is the right way to hold a pencil? How about the right way to write a legal brief, compose a song or make a sales call? Ty Cobb, may have been the greatest hitter in baseball history. Have you ever seen the way he held a bat? Based on everything I’ve ever been taught, he did it wrong. He held his hands apart—not together. Pretty good result for doing it not right. We are so inundated from an early age by the right way to do things. I swear we need a revolution against the ‘right way’ syndrome. It’s time to do things wrong. How we practice medicine, work, make love, get energy, and think. We need a lot more of doing it wrong if we are going to find better ways of living, working, healing, loving and finding meaning in this world. So here’s to Ty Cobb, let’s all hold the bat with our hands apart; today, let’s all do stuff wrong.

Over the years I have been accused of doing things wrong once in a while. Now I don’t feel so bad about it. As a matter of fact, it kinda’ makes a lot of sense. Thank you^

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